Can You Guess What It Is Yet?

A MISSING episode of the The Rolf Harris Show has been recovered after being bought online by a consortium including classic TV organisation Kaleidoscope.

The 16mm film print was acquired by the group off internet auction site eBay in May after the original buyer, who had outbid the consortium at the first attempt, could not raise the necessary cash.

Hailing from series three and transmitted January 18, 1969, the episode features Rolf and The Young Generation with special guests The Beverley Sisters, Marek and Wacek, and Ivan Rebroff and his Balalaika Ensemble.

The Rolf Harris Show

tx 18.1.69 (BBC)
written by Spike Mullins
written by Joe Steeples
designed by Roger Murray Leach
choreography by Dougie Squires
produced by Stewart Morris
directed by Stewart Morris

The print, which has some repaired sprocket damage at the start along with the odd splice and tram line, is to be cleaned before being returned to the BBC – a stipulation made by Kaleidoscope in return for a £200 contribution to the consortium’s fund.

Kaleidoscope’s Chris Perry said: “The genre of variety shows was decimated by the mass wiping of videotape during the 1970s.

“Rolf will be delighted to learn that some of his earliest work has been found again.”

The Rolf Harris Show (BBC) ran between 1967 – 70. According to Lost, out of an original total of 56 episodes, 35 episodes are missing, a further two are incomplete and three others exist on formats inferior to the original.

You can see some stills from the recovered print in the gallery below.


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  1. Nice,

    If you need any help with the audio let me know..

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